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I am Elijah Mikealson, a doctor at Storybrooke hospital. I am engaged to a beautiful young lady and I have some younger siblings who love to attract trouble where they walk.
a knight's tale
Heart to Heart ll Elijah and Elena

Once they were done at Jenna’s, Elena drove them home as Elijah had had three shots during the evening and they arrived back home a couple moments later. He opened the door for them and helped Elena with her coat, kissing her lips softly as he did so. Elijah hung their coats up and went to put the kettle out whilst Elena took on her shoes and such off. He came back into the hallway and walked over to her with a soft smile, cupping her jaw. “You know that I love you, Elena, but I’m worried.” He started gently, “What was wrong at Jenna’s? You can tell me, I won’t be upset. I want to help.” He assured her. 

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    Elena smiled “I was smitten from the start” she laughed softly getting closer to him as she moved to shut off her light...
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    “I knew I would rue the day that Rebekah showed you those pictures.” He smiled softly and pulled her close. “Well, we’re...